Drags and Circuit Racing

It is not surprising that Vintage Vee-Dub Supplies owner, Boris Orazem, has been involved with VWs for many years, not only through the business but also on the race tracks.

Boris was racing Forumula Vee in the early 1970's at Warwick Farm, Amaroo Park, Oran Park, Winton and Calder (where he had a spectacular barrel roll in 1972!).

Boris has also made numerous appearances in Targa Tasmania and East Coast Rally races. In the 1993 Targa Tasmania with co-driver Dave Pryor, Boris scored 1st place in the Classic Car Category for cars made between 1966-69. In the 2002 and 2003 East Coast Rallies, Boris partnered with George Geshoss to take 1st place honours in their Class.

The Beetle that was Targa formerly used in the Targa races is now the Vintage Vee-Dub Supplies drag car.

Click here to view some of the action shots on the ciruit, in the races and at the drags.

If you want to experience the thrill of drag racing your VW, make sure you enter the VW Nationals 2005 Drag Combat, Sunday 22nd May 2005 at the Western Sydney International Dragway. Click here for the entry form. Hurry, entries close 18th May 2005.