Vintage Vee-Dub Supplies are the inventors and manufacturers Aerolook fenders, RS wing engine lids and spoilers.

The RS wing and engine lid is made from fibreglass and come in a white gel coat finish only. They have to be fitted to your car, prior to painting the colour of your choice.

The additional spoiler rear wing is a separate section that can be purchased. It has a recessed section that has been made to allow fitment of a 3rd brake light. We can also supply the LED light.

There are no cut outs on the rear wing, for air induction to the engine.

We have a drag race car that is powered by a turbo and fuel-injected engine. This car has a large intercooler fitted inside the flat section of the wing area. In this case the wing is slotted to allow air flow to be drawn through the intercooler to allow cooling for the turbo charger. The choice is yours to have, or not have, the extra cooling slots in the rear wing.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff who will be happy to assist you.

Once again these products are exclusive to Vintage Vee-Dub Supplies here in Sydney, Australia.